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Stereo Replacement On '06 400H


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I know this usually would go in the A/V forum, but it's awfully quiet over there and because our RX's have such an odd assortment of audio packages, I wanted to ask this community first.

I have 2006 RX400h with navigation (gen 4), Mark Levinson, 6-disc in dash with tape deck. There is no satellite radio option on this model. I do not have any rear DVD screens.

My music library lives 100% on my Android phone, via Google Play Music, and so I require bluetooth audio streaming. I purchased the Audiovox (formerly Dice) Mediabridge device, but the connection was inconsistent and the text display did not work. Combined with non-existent support from the company, I returned the device. Here is what I would like to do:

  1. Replace the stock stereo unit with a single-DIN aftermarket unit that has full support for bluetooth audio streaming
  2. Keep existing navigation, with voice guidance (it's not great, but my needs are light)
  3. Keep existing amplifier
  4. Keep existing bluetooth phone setup (via navigation screen and steering wheel controls)
  5. Retain steering wheel audio controls

I understand I need several harnesses and adapters regardless, but it's unclear if I can accomplish my goals above. Everyone says the Beatsonic device is 100% plug-and-play, but it's $400. The AX-ADBOX1 claims to do exactly the same thing (if you add a resistor to an existing harness), but it's so universal that I can find specific usage for my model.

Has anybody done something similar to what I'm attempting?


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Just a thought, but have you perused www.crutchfield.com?

They show Android and Bluetooth receivers for a 2006 RX400h and their tech staff is extremely knowledgeable.

That, plus they offer lifetime technical support.

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Crutchfield is actually what created the confusion in the first place. Their system said the AX-ADBOX1 was necessary, but it's such a universal product that there's no documentation as to what specifically it would do on my system. My guess is their staff won't know anymore information than the manufacturer provides, which is almost none.

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My suggestton is to go to TIS.com. (Toyota Information System).

This is a Toyota owned site put together specifcaly for Toyota, Lexus and Scion. This is an on-line service that I swear contains every bit & bite there is to know about Lexus. You may be able to find the complete wiring diagram for all of the items you want to connect with.

The service offers several types of usuage. Yes, there is a "rental" fee. The first 2 days, (48hrs), is only $15. From there, everyhing is based on length of usuage. You can sign up for a year, 6 mos, etc. all at continuing discounts.

I found that when I registered, 2 days @ $15, two days was more than enough time to look at every section, look-up some problems that our members talk about and make some notes. Try the $15 fee the first time and see if it helps with your project.


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