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Water Pump Leaking 16,600 Miles

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Hi, new to Lexus forums. I haven't had a need to search for issues with my Lexus but things just changed. I have a 2006 RX330 that is used once a week for short 20 mile trips. The car even goes on 2 mile trips during the week so it hasn't sat idle. I have always changed the oil every 6 months. I haven't ever had any issues with it.
Its brand new! Monday I took it in for the headlight water issue and they dealer informed me the water pump was leaking,did I want it fixed. I have had to refill the fluid 2oz in 6 months. I choose to not fix it at this very moment. I am aware that the fluid can get to the timing belt and cause real issues.
Part of me is !Removed! how does a water pump leak with 16,600 miles requiring $600.00 to replace it! I really think the service manager should have had some pity on me and offered a fix due to the mileage. I wasn't even told the cost just asked if I wanted it fixed!

I guess what I'm asking is should I be upset or not should I be contacting corporate and asking what's the deal here? Or just suck it up and get it fixed?

Thanks for any responses.....

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Gaskets tend to harden, quicker when the fluid(s) they are sealing is not circulated often enough. This is why many older low-mileage vehicles that are thought to be hidden treasures to unsuspecting buyers can cost significant money to repair.

Our water pump was found to have a seeping gasket after 90,000 miles, but we drive our RX, daily. The bottom line is that age, not mileage is what causes gaskets to fail.

Think of it, this way: If your $600 gets you another 8-9 years of water pump life, you're spending about $70 per year. I suggest you get it done.

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The radiator fluid is good for 5 years and it's 7-8 years since the car was manufactured. Also, the timing belt is due for replacement due to it's age.

Consider having the drive belts, timing belt, water pump changed and getting a cooling system flush. Good time to have the brakes flushed too.


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I contacted the dealer and they agreed that 16,600 mile was not a time for a water pump to fail. The car is used twice a week and sits only 3 days between trips. The car is moved about 5 days a week from the garage so it wasn't just sitting not run for 8 years. They agreed to fix the water pump, timing belt, and flush the system. They found the timing belt had lost tension prior to the 11 year mandatory replacement regardless of miles. This could have been far worse the belt could have failed wiping the top end. I have found Lexus to go above and beyond to make things right. They have fixed several minor issues over the 8 years we have had the car, as they weren't suppose to fail either.

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