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Rx300 Door Lock Puzzle


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Here's a good door locking puzzle that I don't see addressed yet on this forum. This weekend I picked up a 2002 RX300 with 87K miles on it in great condition except that:

* The remote locking key fob doesn't unlock or lock the doors. The battery in the key fob is brand new and full of juice and the little light on the key fob lights when I press the lock or unlock button.

* The lock/unlock buttons on the driver and passenger doors do nothing when the key is not in the ignition. When I put the key in the ignition and turn the car on, both of these door locks work fine and the actuators that flip the lock buttons sound strong. If I push the unlock or lock button on the key fob while it's in the ignition and the car is on nothing happens.

* The battery discharge warning light on the dashboard (a little red battery) stays lit when the car is on. My mechanic checked the condition of the battery under the hood (1.5 years old) and says that it's pumping out plenty of juice. He also said the alternator and generator are working properly.

* The interior lights come on when I slide the ceiling switch to the always-on position. They never light if I slide the switch to the door position.

Any Sherlock Holmes-types out there that might speculate on what my problem might be? I'm crossing my fingers hoping that this is a programming problem rather than an expensive search or module-replacement situation.


---------- Rick

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Good idea and thanks for the reply. I checked the battery when the problem first arose. It turned out to be a couple of blown fuses which were not discovered until the 2nd mechanic looked at the fuse array.

----------- Rick

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Hi Rick, is it not that the key fob needs coding to the car, i am new to Lexus and i have been reading through for my own little problem, but i have seen somewhere on here the procedure for coding it back in.

Fantastic car though, and this is a good helpful place to be.


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