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What Could It Be?

Duex Lexi

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The light above the rear view mirror was left on. I knew this would drain the energy from my battery. The next morning I got a jump start from my Dad. Then went to an big chain automotive shop and had it recharged. Everything was fine until the day I got fired from my job. (3 weeks later) I walked outside on my last day and the car would not start. I asked someone for a jump but the replied "they did not have it" (jumper cables) in their car. I walked back to my car and it started. The next day I woke up and thought let me see if the car starts. It did not. So I got another jump start from my Dad and drove the car around for more than an hour. When I got home my mom asked me for a ride. The car did not start again.

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Justin, it is very important to make a distinction between "not starting" and "not cranking". I believe you mean it will not crank(turn over).

So, if it is not cranking, it could be several things. Your battery could simply be getting tired (old) and needs to be replaced. Often, when an older battery gets discharged completely (by leaving the lights on), it cannot recover. This is especially true if the engine seems to crank slowly before starting. And, it could also be bad battery post connections. That usually gives the rat-a-tat-tat-tat rapid clicking sound.

It could also be the alternator not charging the battery properly but since you do not mention a dash light being on, I would not think that to be the case.

Finally, and what I fear may be the case, is that your starter solenoid contacts are going bad. That usually manifests itself as hit-n-miss cranking such as you experienced.

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