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Do I Stand A Chance? Anyone With Positive Outcome?


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*Hey guys... I bought my GS 300 from a local dealership by my house (non-Lexus dealer) - with 152,000 miles on it for about $11,000. I paid slightly over blue-book but didn't mind - because I trust Toyotas and figured my first Lexus would be just as reliable. I actually had a 4Runner with 220,000 miles that never even had a check engine light on...

-Well, low and behold - I've had my lexus for one month and I have the dreaded oil consumption problem: big time. I can tell whoever owned it previously never bothered with the bulletins/recalls - because I actually had almost all of the recalls done myself (again, with 152,000 miles on it already)...

I am currently losing all of my oil within 800 MILES - I kid you not... We did the "dipstick" test at my real local Lexus dealership.

When speaking with the Lexus repair manager, of course the first thing he mentioned was 'high milage' and 'no vehicle history with Lexus'... He's a great guy (not that it matters) - but I made a compelling point he kind of had no answer for.

I said... "This is my first experience with a Lexus and the rest of the car is pretty much flawless. You mentioned mileage/no vehicle history - but the truth is: people who had PERFECT service history and even lower mileage STILL had this problem - because it is an engine defect... So to say 'miles' or 'vehicle history' is a mute point, no?" And again, he actually agreed...

However, the dreaded 'piston ring' goodwill repair isn't his call. I know I need to speak with corporate and I will.

My question is: do you guys think I stand a chance, if I'm polite and make my points? First experience with a Lexus - and the biggest being... this isn't like a 'fluke thing' that happens to any high milage vehicle. This is extremely different in my opinion... It's not like "oh - my vehicle has 120,000 and needs new struts"... This is... a 2006 (not even super old to the average person) - that consume a full engine of oil every 800 miles??

Has anybody had their piston rings replaced ABOVE the '80,000 mile warranty' or whatever it is (by speaking with corportate in this way)? I have read a lot of these threads - and some people have said "it depends on the person handling the case and the 'day of the week'" ("day of the week" being a joke but also completely serious...) Do you have some advice in ANY way, for speaking with corportate etc?? If I DID have to pay for this - how much would it cost?

I know many people will say "I'd speak with the dealership you bought it from" - but as you can expect... they're ridiculous. I am meeting with them Wednesday (the crappy dealership I bought it from, not Lexus) - and I believe they're going to either play it off like it's something else - or tell me there's nothing they can do... (Although Lexus has literally stated what the issue is, so I'm prepared).

Again, any advice and if you think I stand chance... I believe my scenario is 'what occurs when the piston ring problem is never taken care of'... I mean - I have like a great condition Lexus - and I have to be the guy carrying a box of oil in my trunk? It's like having a mansion on the outside with nothing but a 2x4 structure on the inside... Looks good and it 'secretly' thrashed...

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Quite frankly its a crap shoot, I know from personal experience that if you are not a loyal, serviced by Lexus customer, they say to bad. If you have had the car for that period is there any recourse of giving it back to the dealership? I Don't know what state you are in but different states have different laws on returns. Otherwise you are looking at an expensive engine fix to say the least. I will wish you the best of luck in dealing with corporate, I hope you are pleasantly surprised.

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Hi James and welcome to the Club.

It sounds like you've spent some time in thinking your problem through in a logical manor. That, is going to make the difference in solving your problem hopefully.

Lenore and I agree that your chance of having the seller/car dealer fix the problem is "nada". Unless, they sold it to you as a Certified car covering bumper to bumper for X miles/months. Even then, they could deny the claim by saying they cannot be held liable for a manufactuers defect that the cars manufacturer was obligated to fix if there had been a recall announced. Also, check your states "Lemon Law" statues for situations such as these. Such information is included in my Owners Manual package when I trade cars.

"Lexus.com" is the address for Lexus Customer connections. These portals can connect you to a department that handles dealer issues. There is also access to information about Tech Bulletins and Recall notices. Lexus has regional reps. who cover sveral dealers within an area. Dealer problems are usually handled by these Lexus reps, working with the dealer Service Manager and Dealer Gneral Manager. I've seen them bend over backwards to make a customer happy, and also be firm and deny a claim.

It could be a good idea to call Lexus and just chat about your situation and let them give you some directions on how all of you can come away happy.


PS: The least they could do is by you an oil tanker to pull around so you don't have to stop at every gas station. LOL

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