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Vibration At Idle?


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Today I stopped at a red light and noticed that my 08 had a slight vibrating. The AC was on.

Could it be engine mounts or transmission mounts? But how can they fail at only 40k?

Do I need to change the spark plugs? When are they due?

Anything else I need to do?

I just sold my 02 es300 and it was so smooth even at 90k miles and had no issues. This 08 is already starting to show problems? Or maybe this is normal for this year?

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If you are not getting a check engine light the first thing I would check is your fuel. Try a different station and use 91 octane for a tank. Next try a bottle of Techron in a tank full of premium gas to clean the fuel system. .

I do spark plugs at 120,000. Doubt if it's the mounts.

If the fuel and techron don't fix it then look at a dirty air filter, throttle body and MAF sensor.

You might need an Italian tune up as well.

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I just read you other post and realized you have a 6 year old car with 40k on the clock in Florida. Well it probably has been driven to church on Sunday at 12mph for the past 6 years.

Here is what I would do:

1. Get an oil change..preferrably synthetic 5w30 Pennzoil or Toyota synthetic is really good.

2. Fill the tank with 91 octane from Shell or other tier one station.

3. Add one bottle of techron to the gas

Take that car for a 100 mile freeway ride and on every entrance ramp floor it. This is what is known as an "Italian tune up"

That engine needs to be "aired out"

When you are done you can return here and we can go over the VVT oil line recall on your 2GR-FE V6 which should be looked at to make sure it was done.

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Okay so today finally I did everything you said above. I change the engine oil mobile 5W30 synthetic and bought techron bottles from AutoZone. They were on sale for 2 for $8. Pour one in with full tank and drove about 130 miles non stop. I definitely noticed improvement in pickup but vibration is still there.

What is VVT oil line recal?

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If your vibration is still there I would have a dealer check it on their tech scan. The VVT system has a rubber oil line that was recalled on most Toyota 2GR-FE V6 engines made before 2010. Yours definitely has one and should be replaced. You dealer should be able to check your vin to see if this was done.

Here is a Toyota website post watch the imbedded video.


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3 weeks ago purchased 2011 es350 (cpo) returned to dealer twice for slight vibration when standing in traffic.

They told me that the vibration is a characteristic of the 2011 es350. Has anyone experienced this issue. I don't

believe that lexus would want their name associated with such a vehicle.

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I currently have a 2011 ES350 (60k) and ran the 2008 ES350 to 200,000 miles before trading. No vibration at idle with either one. The whole "they all do that" excuse is simply that...an excuse. No doubt there is a simple cause. One lazy 02 sensor or VVT sensor degrading over time which hasn't degraded enough yet to set off a CEL. Or maybe a bad ignition coil, wire or spark plug. Or maybe a dirty MAF sensor ot dirty throttle body. Or poor fuel. You can make yourself crazy chasing that but I would try different fuel and a few fuel systems cleaning with techron or gumout regane. I would also document what you are doing with date and mileage.

I also use only synthetic oil changed every 5000 miles to keep all of the vvt oil control systems clean. There are also several articles out there about how each brand of gasoline leaves it's own specific carbon deposits based on the gasolines individual chemistry and that using one brand can cause severe intake and combustion chamber deposits causing rough idling and stumbling. This can be remedied by switching brands every month or so and using fuel system cleaners regularly.

I would then clean your MAF sensor and inspect your throttle body to see if it is really dirty. The back of the intake plate on the TB can being abnormally dirty can cause idle issues. Make sure you clean the MAF with actual MAF cleaner (I use CRC Brand) and make sure it is unplugged and do not touch the element. Allow to dry before replugging it back in. I clean the TB right on a towel over the engine without removing the cooling line.

the Toyota 2GR-FE engine is a buttery smooth V-6 and should give you flawless performance for 2-300,000 miles easily.

You just have a very minor issue. Finding it is the headache.

One more thing....you could have a vacuum leak check all the small hoses around the intake area and make sure they are all connected on both ends.

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