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Wiring To A Trailer Battery


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I was hoping someone might have some knowledge on this subject.

I am planning on towing a small trailer with my 2001 RX300. The trailer will need heat and AC for short periods and I considered a solar kit but then figured I could charge batteries with the alternator while in transit.

Does anyone know how I would connect batteries from a trailer to the alternator? I do not have a tow package, as far as I know.



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What is your definition of a "small trailer"?

A standard 7-pin RV electrical connector provides for charging a trailer battery and for operating a travel trailer's electric brakes. If your 2001 RX300 is AWD then it came standard with the tow prep package which includes a transmission cooler, a heavy duty alternator and radiator. If it is FWD, the tow prep package was optional. The listed towing capacity of a 2001 RX300 is 3,500 pounds which I am assuming is only with the towing package. If the RX does not have a tow prep package then its maximum towing capacity is probably more like 1,500 pounds.

I don't think you will be running a travel trailer furnace or air conditioner off a battery. There is a class of "bambi" (single axel) travel trailers that come in just under 3,500 pounds when fully loaded. If you don't have the tow prep package and can't add the components you might be stuck with a light weight tent camper. A friend has one that for sure weighs less than 1,500 pounds but it does not have a furnace, A/C, bathroom or kitchen facilities.

I wouldn't know as much as I do about this subject ( which is not much!) if I hadn't recently bought a 2014 Sienna with a tow prep package and a 2" class III trailer hitch with the intention of towing a "small" (about 2,800 pounds unloaded, 3,500 pounds loaded) travel trailer that has a furnace, A/C, bathroom and a "kitchen" including a microwave oven, cook top and small refrigerator.

You might want to consult with a local trailer supply company that sells trailer hitches, electrical harnesses and brake controllers.

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