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Es330 Keyless Remote


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Hi all,

I'm new to the club and would like some incite if anyone can help. I have a ES330,year 2005, and it came with only one key, no remote. I need a remote and a spare key would be great. I've googled you can buy spare from EBay, etc. However the Lexus dealership of course said it's going to cost me $355. Is there any way to purchase a master key, and a remote? Please leave instructions of what to do if so, thanks for your time!!

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Hi Nikki and welcome to the club.

There are a couple of choices for you to choose from.

First, Yes, you can buy as many keys as you would like, and also another remote. The reason the dealer charges so much is that the the keys/remote need to be programed to your specific car and VIN #.

There is a Lexus dealer in Dallas, TX that gives our members a hefty discount. I needed a second remote and was quoted $225. from my local dealer. Sewell Lexus sold it for $161. Quite a difference. Simply go to "Sewellparts.com" As you register as a guest you'll see a place to identify yourself as a member of the Lexus Owners Club or "LOC". That is what identifies you as eligible for the parts discounts.

Another option is a trained Lock Smith. Many Lock Smiths have been trained to make and program keys for Lexus type cars. My understanding is that the Lock Smith may have the keys for sale or if you can't find such a Lock Smith you can buy your keys on e-bay.

Hope this is helpful.


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