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Common Parts To Replace With Starter Job On 1995 Ls400


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I am planning on starter/starter solenoid replacement before winter sets in.

I am currently experiencing a delay in starter disengagment, this seems to happen at every start regardless of engine temp.

I hear the "ching/chime" of the starter being engaged for a half second after the engine starts.

The starter is 179 after discount at sewell, part number 281005006284, "starter assembly"

The picture makes it look like it includes the solenoid

the solenoid is also listed separately as part number 2815050060

Does anyone know if the first part number includes both starter and solenoid switch?

Typically I have to crank the engine for about 2 full seconds before it starts, not sure what normal is.

I have read Landar's thread and will be getting the harbor freight T handle flex head ratchet as the idea of not removing the rear coolant bridge or egr piping sounds very appealing.

Am I right that I dont need a 14mm flex head wrench if I use the above tool?

From reading various threads I have found these things that should be replaced while the intake manifold is off and starter is out.

Knock sensors

fuel injector o rings, and grommets?

intake manifold gaskets

surge tank gaskets

anything im missing or are any of the above unnecessary?

also any specific parts/hoses that I should plan on breaking/replacing?


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I removed the manifold as one piece and reused the gasket. I did not replace the knock sensors. If they go bad later this job is so easy ( I removed the manifold twice because I only replaced the contacts the first time and the bench test showed good but when i put it all back together the starter would spin but not engage ) I'll just pop the manifold off and be done in 30-40 minutes.

I ordered this from amazon with next day shipping and had it at 11am. I am a prime member.


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I removed the upper and lower manifold with fuel rails as one piece. There are 3 10mm bolts on each side, 2 nuts in the front and 2 in the back. It is heavy and I struggled trying to find the right angle the first time but the second time was a breeze since I knew how to lift it up and sit it on the studs that the 4 nuts screw onto. I actually got under the hood and crouched on shock tower and radiator support to get leverage to lift it.

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