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98 Gs4 Permium To Nakamichi Conversion

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I would like to convert my Premium sound system on my 98 GS400 to a Nakamichi system. Does everything have to be swapped out or can some of the original parts be used(speakers, wiring harnesses, etc...). I'd be using used equipment from a salvage yard.

Also, do you think I'd be better off with aftermarket equipment? Without spending a fortune.

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i just tried to swap nak with premium on a 98 es300 and the wiring harness doesnt support the switch. if you can do it on an ls400 let me know because i couldnt do the switch on an es300. the hang up was the digital cable that plugs in the equalizer to the radio. .

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i just check the radio plugs on 1998 ls400 nakamichi aND PREMIUM RADIOS. THEY HAVE ENTIRELY DIFFERENT WIRING HARNESSES IN 1998. the premuim 98 ls400 has the same plugs as the navigatioin radio. the nakamichi has the same plugs as the 95 to 97 premium and nakamichi but not 98 up premium. so i dont think you are going to be able to do the switch. i hope you didnt buy the equipment already. thats why you couldnt have navigation unit in 98 ls and gs with nakamichi because they are 2 different wiring harnesses.

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Thanks for the help. I guess i'll have to look into some aftermarket equip.

Good thing I didn't start purchasing the Nak stuff.


I just got a 98 GS 400 and want to get a little more power/volume out of the premium stereo. What did you find out since the switch to the Nakamichi was not an option. Do you know if an better Amp and Sub would be enough? How much more power can the speakers handle? What is the power on the Pioneer Premium system that came stock on the 98 GS? Thanks for any info anyone can give me.

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