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Lexus Master Keys


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I'm wondering if anyone might be able to recommend a place for me to get a Lexus Master Key (remote+key) besides from a dealership. The dealership quoted me $275 for the key and I'm trying to find a place that can do it cheaper.

btw... this would be for a 1996 Lexus ES300


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there really isn't much of another place, since the keys have to have the same transponder chip inside. and if you found a key, the remote most likely wouldn't work. so you'd just have a cut key to fit your car.


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yah just what zeta says

the new keys each have a predetermined frequency and a new chip comes with the new ones that has to be installed in the trunk

that is why it is so expensive

you could buy a regular plastic key head ( no alarm button )for about 20

then get a remote start alarm for 300

a pretty good choice

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