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Oem Rim Size For 91 Ls400 ?

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I need to replace my rims on a 91 LS400. Don't have access to the car at the moment. What was the OEM rim size on the 91 LS400 ? If it was 15" and I buy 16' rims from a 94, will they fit ?

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I don't think they will fit if the tires are what Vyhanh stated.

I understand that the rims will not fit the 15 inch tires, but will the rims fit on the car if they have Michelin 225/60/R16 tires on the 16 inch rims? These rims are listed on ebay as coming off a 94 LS400. I would be putting them on my 91.

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The 16" rims and 225/60-16 tires will fit fine on your 91 LS. Your speedometer will be off a bit and the ride will be a little harsher and the noise level a little more. I experimented with 225/60-15 on my LS in the early 90's and I was surprised at the increased harshness although I should have kept the tire ratio at the bottom of the range (near 30 psi) to help. It was enough that my wife noticed the difference and expressed her displeasure.

Braking with the wider tires was far better - I really like that! However, I didn't think handling was improved - the "breakaway" at the limits of adhesiion seemed quite a bit more abrupt but then again it could have been the particular brand and model tires that I was using.

I remember reading that Lexus made changes in suspension bushings and noise insulation beginning with the 1994 model to allow for the larger tires and wheels.

I guess it is all a matter of personal taste. And of course the available selection in 15" (and even 16") seems to be getting a lot less.

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Cool web site! I usually have to find my old Dunlog tire chart to see the revs per mile.

When you enter the "from" and "to" numbers for rct20's situation, a WARNING message is displayed saying that the difference is 4.25%.

Still, I don't think there is any danger in changing from 205/65-15 to 225/60-16. The owner of the repair shop where I take my LS made a similar change on his own early LS. And my next door neighbor used 225/60-16 snow tires on 16" GS wheels for quite a few years and there was no problem.

One reason (other than that it was cheaper) I stayed with 15" rims when I tried 225/60's tires that the speedo accuracy was unchanged.

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