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Opinions: Sell Or Trade ?

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I have a 2004 RX330 with 160,000 miles.

Engine in great condition.

However it needs the following work:

1) Rotors on all 4 wheels

2) Steering fixed which will cost $600

3) Drivers Side Rear Door getting rust

4) Back Bumper scratched and needs replacement

5) Both seats in back rattling - need fixing probably by dealer

6) Rattle on top somewhere - needs fixing probably by dealer

7) Dash rattles when it gets cold - clips need replacement by dealer _ I heard this costs $500

8) Potential radiator leak - $600 - not sure as I have had it replaced twice now and fluid was really low the other day so I had to put more in.

9) Sun Roof needs reprogramming as it is not closing properly - have had this done before.

Probably looking at $3,000 at least to fix everything I estimate since the dealer is not cheap. Rotors not cheap. Entire door would need to be repainted as it is rusting.

I am thinking it might be easier to trade in rather than put $3,000 into it and not get that money out of it.

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Hi Shred Monster.

The farther down the list I read the faster I wanted to run from this beauty. I would'nt put a nickel in it. It doesn't look like you've made any allowance for your own labor in trying do some of the repairs your self.

The sad truth is that no mater how much money you invest in trying to bring your RX up to good condition, you'll never get your money back from a dealer or private owner. People go by miles on the oddometer and model year.

Dealers go strictly by the whosale value, and will probably take your RX to an auction.

My position is to trade as is, unless it's unsafe due to the rotors/pads.

Good Luck,


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Yeah Paul I was thinking the same. Won't get my money out of it. It could possibly cost me $5K depending upon how much the door cost to paint and the dealer charged me to fix the rattles and such.

I think I can get $8500 to 0K on a trade. A dealer can fix it up much chearper than I can.

Looking at what they are selling for is is about $12 - $14K there is no way I think putting $3K - $5K would be worth it.

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Your so right....

It always comes down to having the right car and the right customer who just so happens to want what you have, and a dealer who happens to be your favorite uncle..LOL

Come back and let us know how things are going.


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Or, if you are in it for the long run, keep it and fix it and drive it without continual car payments. A lot of those things could be done at an independent for much cheaper. I just replaced my radiator for $108. Maybe order parts yourself and have independent provide the labor.

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