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2011 Ls460L Factory Service Manuals

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Does anyone know of a good website to purchase the Factory Service Manuals ? The ones used by the Lexus Dealership technicians.....

Thanks in advance.....

Does anyone have experience with these manuals ???


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Hey FIVE. Sorry we weren't able to get to you right away.

My first suggestion is to do a search of our data base for conversations on this topic. Request for service manuals come up frequently and the only difference in buying them is the amount of money you want to part with. E bay seems to be a good place to go and I would suggest checking there if you haven't already.

My number 1 recommendation is the "Toyota Information Service.(TIS.com). This is the official Toyota site for all technical information including wiring diagrams, exploded layouts of sub-assemblies, parts info and a lot more.

The TIS contains data on Lexus, Toyota, and Scion. The difference between the TIS and a service manual is that the TIS access is gained through rental of site usage. For example, A 2 day fee is only $15. You can sign up as a member for different lengths of time. There is even a price for year long usage.

Some of us on the LOC staff have used this service and checked out it's accuracy. Very Good!

Again, sorry to keep you waiting and hope this response helps.


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Thanks for the update.....I was just making a general observation as to the frequency of use on this particular board.........07 - 13 Lexus LS460 / LS460L / LS600h.....it seems the first gen LS board forum...... 90 - 00 Lexus LS400....... gets a lot of action as it tends to be a younger audience......more of those cars on the road & the willingness

I guess most of the guys that own these 460's.....tend to take their cars to the shop for repairs........whereas I am own for fixing it myself with a good set of factory shop manuals....in hardback books or CD-ROM or online service subscription.......

Whatever it takes verses going to the dealership.....

Thanks for your suggestions above.....much appreciated....

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