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2000 Rx300 Vs Rx330

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Hello everyone,

Okay so I was involved in a car accident and the driver rear door is badly damage. I need to replace but I don't know if a 2000 rx300 door will fit my 2004 rx330. They seem to have the same body style and the doors look alike but I want to be sure before I buy it. Oh I found the door on Craigslist for 75 bucks. Thanks

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Those are from 2 different generations of RXs and do not look the same, although there may be a chance that Lexus used the same doors. You can always call the parts person at a Lexus dealership to inquire if they have the same part numbers.

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I did call the dealership and they told me it was different part number. I was hoping to hear some great new.I guess I will just have to pay $600 on ebay for one. I could have sworn the body style were the same well at least from my percpective. The doors especially the rear look identical.

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