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P/s Seal Replacement Kit

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I have isolated my p/s pump leak to be at the entry point of the hi press line into

the pump. It is only a few drops per day and not dripping on my alternator but

I want to correct before it worsens. I have elected to go the seal replacement

route and have ordered an OEM kit from an authorized dealer...only $23.50.

I think the leak is "O" ring related and not due to the internal oil seal since I do not

detect any leakage from the pump shaft behind the pulley. I am retired and have

plenty of free time to do the repair job but would like to clear up some points

before I start so as to make the endeavor as smooth as possible.

I have a copy of the pump assembly diagram and the nice writeup offered by

lexcoupe94 and others (see tutorial below). I would appreciate any imput,

opinions, clarification, advice, etc regarding the following issues:

1) Step 5 ( tutorial) -- Remove the vacuum valve on the passenger side of


?? Exactly where is this valve located and what does it look like.

2) Step 6 (tutorial) the infamous side bolts.

?? are they on the left side facing the pump and will I be able to remove them

from under the hood. I elected to go this way because I have no way to

do the job from underneath the car. Can I get a ratchet socket on them.

3) Will I have to remove the large radiator hose in order slide the pump out

and up. It looks kind of tight down in that area.

4) I am quite sure that this is "O" ring related. If upon close inspection I do not

see any other sources of leaks and am confident that my problem was

caused by faulty o-ring, WOULD IT BE RECOMMENDED THAT I bypass tearing

the pump apart to install the oil seal. I have a vice and I could build a slide

hammer to remove the pump shaft but there still seems to be a lot of precision

work left to be done to disassemble/reassemble and the chances of messing

the pump up or making it worse are high considering how many rebuilt pumps

by so-called experts seem to fail.

I would much appreciate comments re the previous questions especially #4.

Thx in advance,



Replacing the Power Steering Pump:

info provided by lexcoupe94, sxylxy, FLex, hyperopt:

The pump brackets are mounted at about a 45 degree angle looking at the pump from the front. The outside bolt is higher.

STEP 1: Disconnect the car battery.

STEP 2: Drain power steering fluid with a turkey baster.

STEP 3: Remove the air intake box, overflow tank, pump reservoir and bracket.

STEP 4: Loosen pump pulley with a 14mm wrench. This will loosen the serpentine belt. Remove both belt and pulley.

STEP 5: Remove vacuum valve on the passenger side of the motor.

STEP 6: Remove side bolts with a 14mm wrench. They are tough to see so you have to feel for them.

STEP 7: Disconnect the high pressure hose and remove the two front bolts with a 10mm wrench. You have to pull the pulley off for access to the front bolts. I carefully pried the pump off with a crowbar by prying one side, then rotating the pulley 180 degrees and prying again. I would recommend using a puller though.

STEP 8: If you did not buy a new power steering fluid reservoir, make sure you thoroughly clean yours out. Flush old power steering fluid too otherwise contaminants may accelerate your new pump's lifespan.

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