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Audio System Upgrades For Rx300 (2001)

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I've read many of the older posts about the audio system in the RX300. I don't have the ML upgraded system or the Navigation system. But I really need better audio... Is it possible to upgrade the existing system with the Mark Levinson system in my 2001? Or should I just go to Tweeters and get new speakers and an amp?

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First, add some more sound insulation to cut the interior ambient noise figure down from ~70db. Listen to your current system without the engine running inside a closed garage and the windows up and then decide if you need a better system or just more volume.

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Do not go to tweeter.....I am an installer at cartoys in mesquite,I do tons of jobs that tweeter started or just messed up........As an rx300 owner my self i know what will be best for you and your rx....You are gona need to spend some money to get better sound then what comes factory in the rx. I will beat any price you get from tweeter ,circuit city, best buy,Just talk to their installers and see for your self...More then likely you will get a 17 or 18 year old kid working on your car that is in but not a joke.. you will be lucky get your car back in one piece :cheers: ...I have been installing for 10 years and i know what will be best for you and your lexus....

ps i will beat any quote you get from any shop in dfw....please email me with any questions.....


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