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Hi, I got into a minor accident, and the shop repaired the car to excelent condition. But as I was driving home, I noticed that the amber part on the headlight, in the very top corner was off, on both sides. When I got home, I took out the holder for the bulb and there is no bulb there. I am wondering what kind of bulbs I need to get, and are they supposed to be clear or orange..

Thanks guys! :cheers:

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take it back to the shop that repaired it. They should have done this.

if you must do it yourself then try this.

If you are talking about the turn signal,

The amber bulb in the front light assembly is a 12v 21w single filament bulb. #7440. not many aftermarket stores carry them in amber. They go for about $5 at a Toyota dealership and about $10 at the Lexus dealership.

If you are talking about the real tiny light at the top of the headlight assembly, it is a 5w wedge based bulb. #2825. This should be available at any autopart store.

BUT it is not amber. They are a regular bulb so the color looks yellowish compared to the white of the HID.


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Did a Lexus dealer repair your car? Why were the bulbs missing? Why don't you bring the car back to whoever did the repairs? I guess it wasn't such an excellent job after all. ;)

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