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Windows Sticking Issues & Sunroof Won't Stay Closed


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I have a RX 300, 2000. My window will go down, but won't go up. I wait awhile & then it will go back up. Sometimes, I push the UP button, but the window goes down. This also happens on the Passenger side. The window will go down but not up. If I wait a couple hours & try it again, it will go up. I have not tried the rear windows at all.

My Sunroof opens but when I try to close it, it gets to the closed position but then reverts back to open. It will not close. I had to shut off the car when the roof got to the closed position & it closed & I haven't opened it since.

I have not tried the Reset. Mechanics keep telling me it probably the Motors but do not believe the motors in both doors would go bad. I rarely use the Passenger window.

I did have several new batteries put in several times but this never happened before. I guess I will try to reset.

Does the Owner Manual have the instructions for resetting the Sunroof?

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Hi there,

Yes, try to reset, all instructions are in the manual, but basically you open a window/sunroof and keep the "down/open" button depressed for 5 seconds, then you close the window/sunroof, also keeping the "up/close" button depressed for 5 seconds. Try this twice in sequence for each window/sunroof.

However, if when you press "up" but the window closes (goes "down"), this might really be related to motors or wires.

Try to monitor after which events you see such behavior (e.g. if after rain - probably the issue is with poorly isolated wires).

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