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Fuel Leak From Underneath The Trunk


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From what you've described, you aren't a wrencher who has done much if any mechanics on cars. That means you need to find a good independent mechanic who can lower the gas tank and discover the source of the leak, the tank itself (reseal or replace it) or the various fuel lines attached to it on top.

It is not a safe job for a first timer, due to safety concerns over fuel spills and fire/explosion.

There will be no way to see what is required until the car is on a hoist and the fuel tank is lowered from the car. A good used fuel tank may be possible, if its the problem. Good Luck!

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Thanks for your reply. This is very interesting. I first discovered this when I parked the car on my inclined drive way today. It was dripping like clear fluid ( which I thought was gasoline) from the center of the rear crossbar. I then backed it down to the street, it started dripping dark colored fluid. And now it stopped. I have driven it over 30 miles since and no leaking at all. I am totally confussed. It was not dripping from the fuel tank. It was dripping from the rear crossbar center. There is no leak any longer. Now I don't know what was leaking. It changed from clear fuid to dark fluid when I backed down from the driveway to the street. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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I assumed that you tested the dripping liquid to see if it was gasoline. If it was fuel, I've described how to proceed. If it isn't fuel, it can only be brake fluid leaking from a rear brake line, or water caught up in the rear sub assembly. There are no other fluids in the rear of the car.

When next you see the same leak, taste it, feel it, smell it, and you'll discover whether you need to be concerned at all. Note: if its brake fluid .... get it fixed now! Good Luck!

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Thanks again for your reply. I think I know what had happened. Before I parked my car on the inclined driveway, I filled the gas tank. It had a full tank. When the car was parked inlined drive way, the gas overflew and dripped on the canister. When I later parked on the street, the overflown fuel 'cleaned' the canister and left a stain on the street. It stopped when the overflown gas was gone. It never leaked since. I think the mistery is solved. Not sure if this had caused any damage to the canister. Thanks again.

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