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2004 Ls430 Navigation Screen Problem


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My 2004 LS 430 is having problems. The Nav screen shows various messages like Audio Off when the radio is working, external system is not connected, check connection to air conditioner, etc. Then it will go black and only come on occasionally.

The mirrors will pivot down while backing up but not raise into driving position when you start to drive. Radio will shut off and on by itself.

I have seen several different threads that relate to this and indicate a plug or pcb issue. Does anyone have any current solution to this problem? Buying a new nav unit is too expensive

Thanks so much!

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How old is the battery? I've heard that batteries on the verge of death will cause the cars electrical voltage to drop; causing all sorts of issues. If you aren't seeing more than 12v across the terminals (I think you want it to be like 13.8) then it may be time for a new battery.

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