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Ac Relay Location ?

Joel Henry

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When I push and hold the AC button the AC works fine. But when I let go of the AC button the AC quits. Is there a relay somewhere that operates the AC?



I found this question interesting, so went out to the garage and popped the hood on my '99 RX, opened the fuse box on the right...could not find any relay that specifically said "AC relay". So I looked at the wiring schematic in my Haynes manual for the AC system, and it's pretty complicated, and of course even involves the ECU as part of the "team".

Right off hand, I would think that if you had a "bad relay", that pushing and holding the "AC button" would not turn on the AC. I had a problem like this on my wife's '02 Toyota HL, and the fix was a new HVAC Control Unit to the tune of $687 back in '07.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Joel and welcome to the Club.

I'm wondering that since it runs when you hold in the button but not when you let off, could it be something as simple as the A/C switch?

Another source of incredible Lexus information is the "Toyota Information System" owned by Toyota. It is a website geared for those makes, but a non professional can use the source/library for 2 days for $15. I would really try this out if you still are stumped.


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