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Trans Issues, Please Help!

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I have a 2000 es300 and it started bucking badly and check engine light with codes p0753, p0758, and p1760. I don't see how all 3 solenoids could have gone bad at the same time, ive checked the wiring going to the trans and no problem found, is this a sign the trans is going bad, or maybe just an electrical issue

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Obviously check the tranny fluid level and condition. Then once again pull each of the wiring harnesses from the tranny and make sure there are no broken or corroded connections or wires. After that, follow the wiring harnesses back to the ECM for the same issues as described.

If none of those areas are at issue, its time for a proper diagnosis by a good mechanic. Note: all of these codes are common issues for the Rav4 of the same generation as your ES. The most likely culprit in the Rav4's case is the ECM, usually meaning it needs to be replaced. You need someone with the tools and expertise to get to the bottom of your problem. Good Luck!

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