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Most Disliked New Cars !


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In this current survey your going to find some surprises at what owners feel are the worst cars.

For recent years I have heard that BMW continued to have reliability issues.

Do you agree with this survey???

What are your opinions?? Does your car live up to it's reputation for solid performance???


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Acura doesn't suprise me, even though they are reliable. Best to save the money and get a Honda, Acura rarely does enough to differentiate it's cars as truly premium cars. It's only lately (like last year) that they got with the program. Mercedes, BMW, Lexus and recently Audi have continued to distance themselves from subpar Acura over last decade.

I'm guessing BMW's and Mazda's recent years of marginal reliability contributed. Although Mazda now stands out as a top brand for reliability, with lowest cost of ownership including depreciation,

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The BMW and Audi cars tend to develop expensive problems. Not that Lexus problems aren't expensive they just don't occur. I have a fiend who is a 35 year BMW mechanic and he drives a Toyota. When I asked him why? he said because I don't like having to work on my own cars. Just before I bought my new toy, I almost bought a beautiful BMW M5 owned by a friend of mine. Yeah, I was tempted but then common sense prevailed and I bought another Lexus.

Chrysler products? seriously? Not one person one this forum would consider anything except perhaps that nasty new 707HP Challenger (just for fun).

As the previous poster correctly suggested, Honda luxury cars look just like the regular Honda cars. I could never see much interest. Acura needs to make a big V-8 RWD/AWD luxury car to be taken seriously.

Cadillac, a nice unit BUT made by GM and I have had tons of GM cars and they all broke all the time.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, everything is great.


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I know a Toyota mechanic that services my gardeners fleet of Toyota trucks, he drives a BMW plus a spare Japanese car at shop. My Mercedes idependent master tech uses a gen 1 Scion Xb at his shop for parts runner vehicle. At least Mercedes reliability has improved significantly since 2008, I've owned a couple.

Earlier Audis certainly have share of problems (my friend has 2005 A4 incurring constant repairs starting at 60K miles), per Consumers Reports reliability data the new Audis have improved to average or better.

It's only very recently that Acura added modern engines and tranmissions that are expected with premium brands. They are still ugly cars with a strabge grill that doesn't help appeal.

We have some BMW owners here, are the later model years more reliable lately?

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