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Gs Service History - Cpo 2011

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I need some help with determining if there are any red flags with a 2011 Preowned GS350. I printed the service records from Lexus. The previous owner leased the car and it appears that all the service was completed at the required miles (i.e. 1,000, 5,000, etc.). The description "front/rear body appears multiple times on the history. Does anyone know what that description is used for?

Also the car was upgraded at the time of purchase with chrome wheels. I want to exchange these wheels with the alloy wheels. Can the chrome be removed from the current wheels or will I need to purchase new alloy wheels. If so where is the best place and least expensive place to get the wheels.

I would like to have such information before I sign the documents.

Thank you.

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Hi Linda and welcome to the Club.

You would have to start out with and easy one ! LOL First, the service & repair history. You have already done the smartest thing you can do and that is to download the prospective GS service records. Knowing how the car was cared for is highly important in projecting the autos future performance. Another place to try is a "CarFax Report". This is a independent rating company

that tracks cars history for repairs and car accident body repair. You can go on line and browse for "Carfarx". There is a fee for the service. I think it is about $20 - $30.

The notation for "front and rear body" is probably just a box on the check list they use to note they have looked over both those areas for no leaking fluids, loose exhaust systems and so on. Just my guess. Ask them. Does it feel like there giving you a straight answer.?

Trying to remove the chrome from your current wheels, is going to be expensive. My guess is around $400 - $600.I would imagine doing a search for your area might turn up a shop that does custom chrome plating. I'm guessing that selling the chrome wheels you have and purchasing the new alloy wheels would put you farther ahead.

Please come back if you have and questions, or if you could tell us how your dealer treated you.


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To see if a paint job was done just run your fingers at all the (painted) edges. It has to be be smooth as silk else it has been repainted. if it has been repainted check that panel from inside - might be easy or difficult depending on the panel. also watch out for paint overspray, etc..

I recently wanted to buy a CPO from Ira Lexus of Manchester. Carfax was clean but entire left side was painted (there was overspray and tape marks). The dealer took an hr to admit that it was a paint job... Ran away as fast as i could...

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