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Replacement Wheel Key For '96 Lexus Ls400


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Hello, when I purchased my LS400 the wheel (or lug nut) key wasn't included. The shop noticed this when they were about to replace my tires and weren't able to get them off... Anyone know where I can order a new key?

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If you do a "lost lug nut key" search on the 'net and possibly here, you'll find some good info on getting it off should you not be able to find a key that fits.

Discount Tire was a oft mentioned place in one thread I found.

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You might want to check with your Lexus dealer on a replacement key. They'll probably need a key lock code number or something sililar. There might be a sticker applied to or a code written down someplace inside your owner's manual?

The dealer might even have a "master" key set to remove the locks. At one time, GM used splined locking lug nuts and many dealerships used to have these key sets.

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Check your glove box and owners manuals, if you have them with your car. McGard supplied locking lug keys for many cars as original equipment, and chances are they supplied yours, too.

If you have the registration card for the locking keys (mine came in a small green envelope, and was in the owner's manuals), it's pretty easy. Information at: http://www.mcgard.com/index.php/customer-service/replacement-parts-ordering-information ..

Over the years, I've broken one key (d'oh!) and thought I had lost another (ended up being misplaced), so I've ordered a couple keys for my LS. Takes a week or two for turn-around, and the price was reasonable (>$15).

Worst case, if you absolutely have to get the locking lug off, hammer a slightly oversized socket over the locking lug and remove with a 1/2" breaker bar or impact. The lug will be scuffed up, but it will still be very usable.

Good luck!


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