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Considering Gx470 Purchase - List Of Issues/problems


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G'day everyone.

I am planning on returning to the US near the end of 2014 from a foreign work assignment. I sold my Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD before leaving the US. Upon returning, I plan to look for a Lexus GX470. I will be towing trailers, and am aware of the two different hitches that Lexus offered on this truck (5000 lb and 6500 lb, with the 6500 lb having a transmission oil cooler). Given this, I hope to look for the 2005 to 2009 year range, as '05 is when the truck was updated to the more powerful VVT engine spec.

So, after spending time on this forum, I have compiled a list of issues and problems to look out for during my search.

These are (in no particular order of importance):

1) Cracking/leaking engine exhaust manifolds. Apparently a self limiting problem and no huge cause for concern.

2) Cracking dash/instrument panel cover. Has Lexus come up with an updated design that eliminates the cracking problem?

3) Thump on deceleration/stop - drive shaft issue covered by a TSB.

4) Rear self leveling suspension, air leaks and height sensor problems.

5) Navigation and Mark Levinson audio system issues - failing amplifiers and sub woofer.

6) Engine cooling system radiator leaks.

7) Front wheel bearings.

8) Vibration in the 55 to 75 MPH range. Covered by a TSB.

9) Oil leak from the transfer case.

I am fairly mechanically inclined and can repair most of these problems myself.

Are there any other pattern failures and issues I can be made aware of?



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