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Lexus Rx 350 Vs. Lincoln Mkc


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Has anyone been shopping both cars ?
The least expensive Lexus i can buy is $43,700.00
That is without Navigation.
I am looking at a Premiere MKC for $3,3700.00

Is the Lexus worth $10,000.00 more.
I know Lexus has the best resale value,but i paid $10,000.00 less for the MKC.

What is your opinion ?

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Sounds like you already bought the Lincoln. Opinion: now you have $10K in your pocket.

If the Lexus was not worth the money to you then be satisfied with what you have. It is likely a very decent car.

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I own an RX and love it. I'm always thinking of my next car so I recently test drove a MKC. It had a sticker of $40k+/-. I was thinking I would to like to downsize from the RX but not now. The MKC felt small and cramped. The rear seat legroom was too small and the cargo area is a deal killer for me. These two vehicles are worlds apart not only in price but usuable size. I'll be looking at the new Lexus NX when it comes out which reportedly has more room than the MKC. So I guess if cost is your only concern the MKC works along with other compact SUV's out there.

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