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First tell us about yourself and car if you have any problems or future plans of modifications

Did you call lexus yet to inform them you are the new owner ?

( if bought used) or not from a lexus dealer)

This will get you informed of recalls( hardly ever are any ,but just incase)

Did you know you can extend the lexus roadside asisstance?

It is comparable in price to AAA or CAA depending on where you are

includes free tow to closest dealer, unlimited mileage

also has trip interuption cost replacment,with rental and hotel

free key replacment if locked out as there is no real way to break in like most if locked out( they have stories of renting a small plane to fly a key to a member who lost his keys while fishing)

all i have to say they are superb,but what do you expect for a lexus

Free road maps and custom binded book of map and distances with turn by turn directions

plus more

enjoy and welcome to the club

p.s. look i the meeting section for other owners near you , to meet

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hey i like your name skimone

also a sticky just keeps a thread from being placed in date sorting of posts

i meant either one of the 2 you guys wanted to do with placing a posting spot

but i think us vetrans should just read the newbies list and save space by not posting it (haha like i did)

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Hey! im new here.... the names Neil...

Drive a 96 ES Coach... its all black... with some crome edgeing, nothing serous though... cant really afford much after paying for the car itself..... love the ride though... i used to drive a buick century before... big change.... ive always wanted a lex ... that exact model... so im a pretty happy camper :lol:

plans: well im a musical kinda guy... so sound system fo shou.... and well.... the car looks kinda empty without a spoiler... so that too.... and .. that all i can afford for now...

anyways... im new and really dont know whats goin on around here.. so yea....

Hi to everyone... !

- Neil

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Welcome NeiLtYme!

I like you am sorta new here :P This guys are fun. I also don't have any money becuase of the car (97 es300 black with gray trim on bottom) The only thing close to a mod i have done is Polish my crome rims yesterday and OMG! I Feel like im some RICH Rapper! *Bling-Bling*



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haha i got a '91 es250 (oldschool). i'm only 16 and i just loved the car. even though it's old, i still appreciate the fact that it's really rare (i've only seen one other around where i live). it's a shame that there isn't much i can do it though. can you guys recommend anything? it's white with the gray bottom...i was thinking painting it black and getting a darker tint. how about that? also...need different rims. but i don't want anything too "extravagent" if you know what i mean. any ideas? thx :D

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I bought the ES 300 in 1995, have 150K on it, and just put in a used engine. I am having trouble with it over heating, after a high speed drive and the speedometer does not light up. I will probably get a new radiator, but does anyone know how to fix the speedometer and Tach needles so they light up again?

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there are many different fixed, such as putting tape on it, or installing cold cathode needles on it.

www.lexusdash.com does cold cathode needles.

i've seen these needles in person. they're awesome, but quite pricey.

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