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Es300 1997 Remote Fob & Cd Magazine Questions


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Bought a 1997 ES300 with 125k miles: have couple of questions need help with.

1. Car came with 1 master key, 1 valet key and NO remote FOB. When I google for 1997 ES300 remote fob, I get results with FCC ID: HYQ1512P. I wonder whether I can re-program a spare FOB I have from a 1995 LS400 with FCC ID: HYQWDT-C? Can someone with a working remote from ES300 post the FCC ID on the back of their remote please?

2. The 6 CD magazine from glove compartment CD deck is missing. Can I go with units being sold on ebay which say it fits 97 ES etc OR should I be looking for a particular part number? If you bought online can you share your experience please?

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Its a lot of years and two ES models ago that I had our 97 ES. I can't even recall what the remote looked like, but I have been through this same issue before.

Do an eBay search for the two different Lexus models' remotes, and compare them. Many of the vendors will have ads for both, the models and years they work with, and they will send you a copy of the programing steps to follow. Insist on that last point, if you don't want to spend bucks at the dealership.

Do the same thing for the cartridge pack for the CD changer. Even check YouTube for pics or movies from back in 97. Good Luck!

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