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'99 Rx300 Speakers


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I am in the process of replacing my speakers in my RX300, i replaced the front two speakers and tweeters with Pioneer TS-A1605C, they sounded great at first and slowly they started to sound worse and worse throughout the night and now they sound so awful I can not even listen to them. I'm thinking its the amp and is there a way I can replace this with it not being to expensive? (I'm pretty good with speakers and electronics and could probably handle replacing it myself.)

Nakamichi Head Unit

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Hi Eddie and welcome.

I'm curious why you think the problem is with the amp? If it was working fine before you swaped out the front two speakers and the tweaters, what do you think happened to crash the amp?

There are the obvious things such as the new speakers being of the wrong impedance. Lexus usualy uses 4 or 6 ohm speakers. If this might be a possibility then the amp might be trying to put out more power per channel than it's capable of. I would think that in this situation a fuse would blow if things are puting that much load on the system.

The speakers could be uncompatable. Getting power over run and over driving the voice coils. Remember as well to check out the cross-over network and any other previous after market components installed.

I would be really interested in hearing what you find out. Since this problem developed over night it must be something that would stick out right away.


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