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Replacing 02 Sensors '93 Ls 400


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I own a 93 LS 400 that I purchased new in 93 and it has 118,000 miles on it. I have taken reasonably good care of it, never missed an oil and filter change and have used a full synthetic oil for most of it's life.About 2 weeks ago the check engine light came on and I took it to a Lexus dealer in Santa Clara CA. The estimate for the replacement of 2 sensors (I am not sure whether they are upstream or downstream sensors) was $957.98. This was $524.58 for the sensors , 387.50 for labor and 45.90 tax. I would be most appreciative of some help/advice regarding the following:

1. Is this price reasonable?

2. I have checked Rock Auto for the sensors but at this point I do not have enough knowledge to select the correct sensor since there are several listed and they do not list the OEM part numbers. However, they range in price from peanuts to the most expensive one at $118.00. At $118.00 it would seem that the dealer is charging over twice the price. Any sugestions on how to select the correct sensor ?

3. Since I don't have a flat rate manual I don't know how much time is involved in replacing the two sensors. Any comment on the charge for labor will be helpful.

4. I am 82, retired but am in good physical condition and have done a lot of my own maintainence over the years. I have retained some tools, mainly a fairly extensive ratchet and socket set , torque wrench, box end and open end wrenches . I do have a volt/ohm meter also. I also have a set of ramps.

5. Finally, with the above information, am I crazy to even contemplate attempt doing this myself assuming that I can select the correct sensors?

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Hi Charles and welcome to the Lexus Owners Club!

At 82, you are right up there with Billy Powell, one of our most senior and experienced mechanics. He still works on his cars so you can do it too.

There are "main" and "sub" oxygen sensors on the LS. Here are a couple of fairly detailed tutorials to give you an idea of what could be ahead. Probably the hardest part would be getting the sensors unscrewed as they may have corroded over the years.

Take a look and see what you think:



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I'm looking at Rock Auto's site and they list two sensors - upstream and downstream. The application list for your car lists a few options between brands.

Denso is typically the OEM supplier to Toyota so I would be inclined to stick with them:

Denso P/N 234-4211 for the upstream (OEM 89465-24050, 89465-50010) $48.79 ea

Denso P/N 234-2011 for the downstream (OEM 89465-50050) $60.99 ea

The cheaper priced O2 sensors usually don't come with the connector attached. They're more or less universal fit; you need to cut off the connector from your old sensor and attach it to the new one. The Denso ones listed above come with the connector already attached.

It looks like your car may have four O2 sensors; left/right and upstream/downstream. Does the estimate from Lexus of Stevens Creek say which side the bad sensors need replacing? Their estimate should also show their hourly labor rate someplace.

I would estmate it would take me a few hours (I work slow) to replace all four sensors and that works out to close to $190/hour. That seems a bit high. It's been 14 years since my Dad closed his shop in Mountain View and I have no idea what shops are charging for labor these days.

You're not crazy for thinking If you do the job yourself, you'll need an O2 sensor socket to remove and install the sensors. The only risk is that sometimes the sensors get rusted in place and they can be a bear to get out. You might want to take a look at the access to the sensors before doing anything else.

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