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I Just Test Drove My First Ls400, Looking For Pricing Input.


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I've been lurking all morning, reading up about the LS400. I'm looking for a nice, comfortable, reliable car to drive while I save the down payment for a V2 CTS-V. Gotta love these V8 sedans! Right now I'm daily driving a 1996 FJ80 Land Cruiser, which gets around 11mpg on my 40 mile work commute. I

I just test drove a 2000 LS400 at one of the major dealers near me. It has 113,xxx miles, and they have it listed for $8,999. Overall, it's a very clean car. I noticed the chrome on the wheels is peeling (which will be replaced), the passenger headlight is cloudy, and I noticed moisture in the truck (though I didn't see any rust). The clueless sales guy 'thought' it was a local trade in, which I believe, due to the very good condition. It looked like the driver side headlight was just replaced, which usually worries me. I didn't see any indication of paint or body work, and that fender still had the VIN tag on it. Should have a pre-purchase inspection done?

My main question, since I know nothing about the market for these cars, what do you think about their asking price?

I think I'd have to be very lucky to find a cleaner 1999-2000 LS400 (and I do want one of those years), but the price seems high to me. The salesman said they usually don't negotiate on cars below $10,000. I've never purchased a vehicle from a dealership before, so I gave him my number in his office and told him I'm heading to look at a couple more. As we were walking out he softened his position a little, telling me to call him after looking around, make an offer, and he'll ask his manager. Any tips for this process would be appreciated.

I'm looking to put $1k down and finance the rest, either through the dealership (for ease, if the terms are decent), or through my credit union. Money is so cheap right now that there's no point in paying cash for a car like this.

Thanks guys, hope to join the club soon!

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Several questions come to mind. Has the timing belt been changed? Is the complete owners manual set there? Check the service book that shows all service done on the car. (Timing belt is due at 90K miles.) Has the power steering leaked onto the alternator? That's a common problem. I would still suggest a pre-purchase inspection, especially if you know a good mechanic. If anything, it might give you some bargaining leverage. If nothing else is wrong, I'd happily give them 7,000 cash. It would have to be mint, with new belts/hoses/bushings/gaskets for me to pay 89K. (But when I was shopping for mine I saw asking prices from 5900 to 10K and mileage from 50K to 240K. By the way, did it have the tool kit in the trunk? Finally, I assume you've already seen this:

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price check


Since I am over 80 and have bought many autos, I think 8000 is a good price IF the timing belt/water pump and normal upkeep has been done... but knowing that whatever price you tell him, he is going to comeback and want more, so I would start at 7000. and let them win a little to get to 8000.... have the dealer show you the printout of the work that has been done.. I have two 99LS400's now, and have owned a total of 12 LS's ..... see below. they are great cars..

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