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Runs Rich, Cuts Out, Accelerates Slow, Wont Give Codes


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So I replaced all 8 caps with low ESR caps from digitec this morning.

Replaced TPS a few days ago.

What the hell do I do now? With the ECU throwing no codes, but it actually shutting everything down when the RPMs get above 2500 it seems like a wire is loose somewhere, but would that prevent the ECU from giving codes?

Is the ECU still the problem, unrelated to bad caps?

Or is it the wire harness at the trunk....which looks perfect by the way.

what the heck do I do now?

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A refurbished ecu fixed everything on mine: $175 on ebay. 443-417-6639 is a guy that has them. You will need to take out glove box and lower the panel below it to see the part number on the ecu to order. Or you can change the capacitors on the ecu yourself, which I have also done. http://www.clublexus.com/forums/ls400/656360-all-my-crazy-lexus-issues-solved-ecu-leaking-capacitor.html

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I am wondering if one of your coils may be going out and giving a poor spark. Your distributor caps and rotors and spark plug wires should also be examined to see if there might be an issue. One thing you can do as a simple test, view the engine compartment at night in as dark a place as possible, to see if there are any sparks arcing between components or the engine ground. That would suggest wires. But if not, you may still have weak coils or worn out caps/rotors.

Does the weather seem to have any effect on the performance? Like it runs poorly in damp weather but gets better as it heats up and dries out?

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