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Help......wierd No Starting Problem!


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HELP! RX350 Starting, and Baffled

Am a certified Aircraft Mechanic, and quite car savvy......but:
Low mileage 2011 RX350, and this. Fine & normal, parked in our garage, and on
attempted Startup this:

Normal ‘green lite’ for starting, pushing Start Button does nothing except
rapid flashing of CEL lite, Brake lite, ABS light (but no cranking). Bat voltage is
12v. Cables are clean and secure, Horn blows, Seat adjusts, but NO Cranking! Tried
other Fob, with same results. Aarrggh, WTF??? Gimme a hint here, & ThanX

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Wonder if the starter relay is bad...Try to find it in the fuse box and have someone else try the start and see if you can feel it click when that happens by putting your finder on top of the relay.

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Now Fixed: This baffling problem was a Battery problem - although fully charged, and reading 12 volts on

my VOM meter......1 or more cells were deteriorated, and unable to put out the required amps to engage the

starter relay and cranking. The original OEM battery, tho only 2 yrs 11 months old, partially crapped out! Seems our very warm temps here in Las Vegas are hard on batteries. But - Yer Mileage May Vary!!!

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