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2008 Rx350 Brandywine Mica - What Color Should The Rear Privacy Shade

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I have a 2008 RX350 in brandywine mica with black leather interior but in the rear cargo area, the top half is light gray, including the tracks that the shade slides on. My question is, does anyone know which color shade is supposed to go with this color combo? The black to match the seats and floor mats or the gray to match the tracks and upper half of the vehicle? And what is up with those clips that are supposed to attach to the bars of the seat rests? They absolutely do not fit and it's a genuine OEM Lexus cargo shade. If anyone has a '08 in brandywine mica with black interior, can you tell me what color tonneau you got with your vehicle? Thanks for the help! :rolleyes:

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Nice car Lexi. Lexie is my cars's name. :-)

Sorry I can't answer your question. From what you explain, I would think black would look better.

Welcome to LOC. I hope you hang around a while.

Thank you - great name from great minds who think alike! haha B) I have the black shade and I know someone who has the gray that matches the tracks in my vehicle so we swapped them out to compare. I think I'm still leaning towards the black (although the gray would keep things cooler!) but my daughter likes the gray because it matches the tracks. I'm not so sure because it's different than the rest of the leather interior, which is black so I just wondered which shade color was the factory original as this now has us curious. I'll take and post some pix when it's not raining and see if anyone comments! I appreciate your reply - I hope to be around here a while, too. Lots of helpful, friendly people here. :rolleyes:

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