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Rear Windows Pinch Sensor Problem

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I have the same problem on a recently purchased 2005 ES330 that many have posted about. The rear windows go up , hit the rubber and reverse back down. Several people have suggested opening the door, putting the window down at the same time, slam the door shut. I have tried this on both rear doors, and either I am not slamming it hard enough or this particular fix does not work for my car (and I am slamming it pretty hard!).

Does anyone know how to completely de-activate the sensor? Is there a fuse I can remove? Or can I physically remove the sensor in any way?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have managed to get the windows up by using the window lock on the driver's panel, but it's a pain to do it repeatedly every time someone opens the rear window!


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Marc, I sat in drivers seat and held button down as my daughter slammed the door, on the 4th attempt the window went down , window has worked normal since then. Knock on wood. I assume going up is the same sequence.


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