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I just purchased a '00 ES300 yesterday over the phone (saw pics and did CarFax before laying down the deposit). I'm going to test drive it Saturday and before handing over the cashier's check, was wondering if you nice folks had any advice for things I should look out for?


'00 ES300 - not the platinum edition.

56K miles, unknown service record, but recent oil change and state inspection (TX).

I've been reading the posts for the past two months, and still haven't found the answer to this one, but maybe I'm looking in the wrong place:

?The stereo is factory, with a CD button, but no changer in the glove box. Is it better to take out the factory unit and replace the whole thing with a new system, or just try to find an add-on CD changer and install?

Thanks for all your advice so far (gonna change out the headlights to Sylvannia as soon as I get back to town).


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personally because you have no maintanence recond of the car, i would have it checked out by a mechanic. Its worth the cost especially if there is something wrong with it like engine oil sludge or what not due to neglect. Those engines especially go bad if they had experienced alot of neglect.

how much is it going for ?

Owners ?

Things to consider.....

if you find a changer, thats best. If you want better sound... then youll prolly need to change out unit and all that jargon.

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Sounds like a pretty good deal MollyH. Unless you are really an audiophile or want tons of bass, I would just add the CD changer to the existing setup. Besides, due to the shape of the stereo head unit most aftermarket installations look like crap in the dash of a Lexus.

Definitely have it looked at by a mechanic before handing over the check to make sure there are no problems. Ask them to check to make sure the valves are not making a ticking sound (an indication of sludge buildup). With so few miles, sludge shouldn't ba a problem & would be covered under warranty provided you can prove frequent oil changes have been made. Put some synthetic in there as soon as you can.

With so few miles, it must have just come out of warrantry. Ask your local Lexus dealer to pull up a service history using the VIN. Most dealers will do this for you, especially if you indicate that you will use them for all of your service (even if you don' plan on it).

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Agreed, try to get as many service/warranty records from Lexus if possible. Does you 00 ES not have the factory HID's? Get a mechanic to go over every inch of the car especially the engine before purchasing it outright......$100 or so bucks is a small price to pay to avoid a lot of problems down the road. Let us know what you find. Any pics or a thread you can put on here for other members to have a peak? B) Good Luck!


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