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How Do I Take Care Of My Paint? Starfire Pearl

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Niiiiiice! Welcome to LOC

I guess a lot depends on how much time and money you want to invest. By far, the best detailing products out there are Zaino products. You will have to Google, you can't buy it in stores. I had a Z28 for 17 years and used nothing but Zaino polish. When I showed the car, people would ask me who painted the car. My favorite response was a robot at GM. I can still tell that car when I see it going down the road.....it glows!

Now, the downside. Zaino is kinda complicated about how you have to mix the polish and the hardner. I was using it on my Ultra White. It would make the pearl really pop!

I have to admit that the last time I waxed my car I used Nu-Finish. I had some kind of buildup and needed a wax with a cleaner.

My favorite wash is Zymol. Comes in a blue bottle and you can get it at AZ. Very rich foam and smells like a piña colada. :-)

I dry my car and clean the windows with a product called The Absorber. It is an artificial chamois. I keep it in my trunk in case of an emergency.

Just my tips. Hope it is helpful. Shine that bad boy up and post more pics.

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Just today I bought a new 2014 IS250AWD in the starfire white. Having recently sold my beloved 1990 LS400 which was white I can tell you what I use. The wax I use is Collinite 845 Insulator Wax which is used primarily by power companies to treat high voltage power lines prior to installation to prevent flashovers (sounds bad, not sure what they are) and as a mold release agent.

No mixing required but it is important to warm and shake it really well before and during application. MOST important is to make sure you paint is absolutely clean before you apply because anything there will be sealed in forever. I suggest even using detailing clay then polishing with detailing spray and a microfiber to remove everything. I use it on all glass, trim, chrome, paint, my shower walls, refrigerator, skis, you name it, is seals. The smell is also delightful as your paint develops a glassy sheen that lasts years (I reapply once year about 2 or 3 coats because I am anal about that stuff. In between, I use the blue Speed Shine.

I don't work for Collinite, nor do I get any benefits other that an incredibly protective shine. Collinite Co. is located on Lincoln Ave in Utica, NY. Never seen it in a store which is probably good seeing as how if someone put it over dirty or oxidized paint, they would have a long term project. I spend about 10 hours on a new car as as much as 20 or more on a neglected unit.

I will treat my new IS later in the week and am looking forward to the job. I also do all door jambs and surfaces.

Good luck with your car, I know exactly why you love the thing.


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You guys are toooooooooo funny. Always make sure the home button is on the bottom or to your right.

Steve, is that a dog or a guinea pig?????? Looks just like a GP my daughter once had. What is it? It is totally cute.

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That is why your pics are upside down. They are fine on an Apple product because somehow the capture is weighted and will always land right side up. When you transfer it to regular stuff, it will be upside down. Google it. Don't I sound like a real tech guru?

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I think that is dependent upon which viewer you have set as a default.

I use IrfanView for all my image viewing and while it has many options,

it doesn't flip an image unless you touch either the R or L keys.

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I can never take any pics of my two beauties because it seems to be almost impossible to find the film cassette for my Kodak Instamatic, Then, I can't find the flash cubes that fit on top of the camera.

Anybody have a Polaroid?

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