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97 "throttle Lock"


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For the last couple years I have returned my 97 LS400 for clunking sensation when accelerating and decelerating.

They can't find the problem unless I drive along and then it is very apparent. (imagine that) the tierods and motor mounts have been replaced. Now I am told that it is the normal "throttle lock" problem for the 1997. It did not have it when I bought so how is it normal?

The sensation is similar to "play" in a universal joint

I think is it is the carrier bearings in the rear suspension but I am told it is a problem in the transmission computer that can not be fixed

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In the 7 years I have worked for one I never came across a "normal" throttle lock problem on one of them. Where did they pull that term out of. No bulletins or anything else to indicate that on LIS . They proballly gave up.

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