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94 Ls 400S Display Panel Completely Blacked Out


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My 1994 LS 400s display panel is completely blacked out,NOTHING illuminates. The speedometer, gas gauge,tachometer is not working.

How can I fix this, is soldering required???


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Lose power? I've had some extensive engine work done and replaced the battery 3days ago b/c the last one was dying..

Im not quite sure how to check fuses,thats a lil advanced for me. Is this something an Advanced Auto parts can do? If I check the fuses,what am I looking for? What fuses would need to be replaced?

I've seen some YouTube videos about replacing bulbs by taking the dash out..what do you think?

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I suppose someone at Advanced (or equiv.) could check the fuses for you. Or it is possible to have the shop that performed your extensive engine work to check around.

I would not think that all of your bulbs would simply burn out at the same time. Especially since you mention that your speedo,tach, etc are not working.

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