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Seat Thigh Support

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This story is rather funny... but I feel I must share. I have had a 2008 ES for nearly seven years now.... and 100k miles. I really like the car, obviously. One of my only complaints has been the driver's seat..... the front of the seat, even when I have lowered the back of the seat bottom all the way down, and raised the front of the seat all the way.... still does not quite give me enough support under my thighs.

I nearly traded the car this week. But after reviewing the trade in value, price of the new car and realizing my car looks exactly the same as when I bought it, I passed. I then thought, I am going to get this seat fixed, even if I have to take it somewhere.

When I was closely examining the seat, just under the front seat bottom, there are two holes in the fabric under the seat (there is a liner protecting the innards of the seat). If you press hard you can feel a lip inside the seat within the two holes. I literally wedged a dish cloth in each of these holes, on each side just over the lip, and it gives me the exact front support I have always wanted. It sounds so funny... but, I wish I would have realized this.... I don't know.... seven years and 100k miles ago!

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I hear you. My wife's latest es350 (2011) has a switch that extends the driver's seat some two inche for thigh support. Her last one (2004) didn't have the feature and it always bugged me on a long drive. If what you've done works for you .. great! Otherwise trach down the generation I described in a wreckers yard and see about a retrofit, if you can match the colour.

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