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Horrible Ride - What Can I Do ?


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I bought a 2013 new RX-350 (demo vehicle 5k miles) 6 months ago, with premium package and display audio. The vehicle was made in Canada (VIN starting with 2T)

I had bought with so much anticipation of a smooth comfortable quiet ride. It was my signature purchase. Unfortunately, I regret buying the vehicle. The ride is very harsh, I can feel vibrations of every little stone / unevenness of road, every expansion joint on concrete road/ every little small bump --you get it... I feel like every time I go over a small bump, somebody is shooting me from underneath.
I almost cringe having to drive it. I cannot wait to get out of the car when driving...Its making me frustrated / angry.
I believe something is wrong with the suspension / shock absorbers etc.. I called Lexus and they sent me to the dealer, where a technician and I rode 3 different vehicles (one with JT Vin and other with 2T vin). The technician accepted that my ride was harsher and more vibration than JT vin vehicle and it was not much different from 2T vehicle. At first he thought it was the tires (I have Michelin - which he said were firm and harsh ride but last much longer, other vehicles had Dunlop which gave smoother ride but didn't last long).
Anyway, he said there was nothing wrong with the car and that there are differences in way Canada made cars drive versus Japan made cars drive, and that's all there is to it.
I argued again with Lexus and finally they agreed to have same dealer make an inspection of the suspension / shocks system to see if something was wrong.
My question is those people doing the inspection are field service technicians and not Lexus engineers, so all they can do is make sure that parts are there and maybe take some measurements. Can they really tune the suspension and make the ride somewhat comfortable ??

Anyway - my question is -- aren't we as Lexus owners having paid premium for the car, entitled to a comfortable smooth quiet glide-like ride ??? or is that just marketing ???
I am just looking at some help from the experienced members of the forum...What should I do ??

We also have Toyota Highlander limited - and it is so quiet and a cushy ride, which is making the Lexus ride that much more glaring.
thanks a lot friends,
hoping for some good advice ---

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I hate the ride. I decided a couple of days ago I might dump this car. I will check with Lexus first but the ride over small cracks on the highway just shake me all over and is super annoying. I have driven a Highlander an appreciate a ride more similar to that.

I will start checking on options to modify the ride.

I called Lexus and essentially they said take it to the dealer. If something wrong they will fix if not they MAY make suggestions. My guess it will cost me to make changes and if that is the case, I will look at an Audi. A car that has the highest rating in the car business should be able to make a car that does rattle and shake you going over a minor highway crack. You think?

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Wow this is strange to me as my Lexus RX350 is the smoothest ride I ever had. If I had this issue I would look up the specs on the tires and see what the tread wear was if higher than 400 iike 600 it would be part of the issue. If the tires have to much pressure that would cause the issue - hard to believe the inspections would miss this. I have the Michelin Latutide Tour HP and love them - I also like the pilot series. Check your tire specs against Michelins and see if you find a diffrence. Also ensure the wheels are aligned correctly - if not this would put stress on the tire contact and pick up more road defects. Hope this Helps

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Tires make more difference in vehicle ride than any other thing. With the shift to lower profile tires, there is very little sidewall to absorb shocks. Drove my IS and then my ES yesterday. The ES seems like a floating boat now,

I replace the factory tires on the RAV4 after 15,000 miles due to a tire incident. Now it rides so much better. Not sure why by the factory tires seems really hard and delivered a much harsher ride. Now, well very smooth Goodyear Assurance tires.

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