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I Turn The Key To On, And The Dash Doesn't Light Up.

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I fear my SC400 is near the end of the road.

I just returned from a week long vacation and all the sudden the following electrical components are not working regardless of what I do:

  • Power Seats, Windows, Steering Wheel
  • Stereo
  • Climate Control Unit
  • Dashboard (When set to ON)

But these electrical components ARE working like normal:

  • Door Chime
  • Horn
  • Lights

The battery and alternator are both less than a year old and the battery tests out as good.

My car was left on a gravel driveway and has been there from last Sunday (6/29) to this evening (7/7). When I left it, it would start just fine and all components were operating normally.

Regardless of where I turn the car key now though, thedoor chime doesnt stop. Nothing lights up and I hear none of the typical fuel pump/preparation noises the car makes in the ON position. I've spent all day researching what could be wrong and followed some suggestions. I tried using a valet key and that made no difference. I checked the 7.5amp fuse #4 in the driver panel which is responsible for the starting system and it was OK. Made sure the car was in gear, attempted a jump start...nothing. The only audible response I got was when I tried the door locks. They stopped working a long time ago, but have always made a noise as though they were trying to lock. They are still making that noise.

While I was testing the various components out, my Uncle Gearhead noticed a "electrical burning" smell coming from the alternator area. I'm at a loss for what could be wrong. Any ideas what I can look into?

Thanks for your help in advance!

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I did.  It was the alternator, specifically at the electrical plug point.  Both the alternator and an electrical plug (I got it on eBay) had to be replaced.  What I think happened was an animal or something chewed through a wire while it was sitting there and caused the electrical burn.

All has been well for the past nearly three years.  I'm almost at 267k now and running a NAPA alternator.

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