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Battery Problem With 2008 Lexus Rx350

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I own a 2008 Lexus RX 350 with about 65,000 miles on
it. Three years ago the battery
discharged totally and created large amounts of corrosion around the positive
battery cable. The damage required the
dealer to replace the engine wiring harness.
Since this was about a $3,000 repair I was happy that it was covered
under the warranty.

Now I have the same problem again. This time the dealer thinks we can just
replace the positive battery cable. They
have no idea what is causing this recurring problem.

If anyone has had a similar problem I would appreciate
hearing how you resolved it.

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I have never heard of having an electrical harness needing replacement because of batrtery terminal corrosion. The problem you describe at the battery posts is common (to all behicles) and can usually be eliminated or at least severley reduced by applying spme terminal sealant / conditioner that is available at most auto supply stores.

Having it completely eat up the battery cable is pretty extreme in sucha stort time. I would check on it every 4-6 months and keep it cleaned. Moisture maybe?


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