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My 4X4 And Limited Slip...


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I was looking for some info about what type of 4x4 is in my Rx300.

I found following info:



sold with front wheel drive or full-time all wheel drive. Viscous coupling locking center differential, normally 50/50 torque distribution and up to 95% either axle when slipping occurs. Rear limited slip is optional. No low gearing.

How do I find out if I have limited slip in the rear... and how do I use it (if I have), hod does it work?



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Look at the rear diff, there are some numbers there that will determined what kind of diff is.

I know that the MKI all where central and rear limited skip diff.

For the MKII only rear was an option but not very common.

In any case is auto mode, blocks partially the skip wheel to provide traction to the opposite.

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