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Lexus Rc- All Time New Ugly


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"Shut the Front Door Roscoe"!!!!

Someone at Lexus is reliveing their "Good Old Days" at college tokin on a long fat one.!

Is this suppose to be proof that Orange is truly the new black?

What do you think? Would you park one of these in your drivewar?



My answer: No, I would not park one in my driveway. I would not buy one.

I think the color takes a technicily advanced automobile and makes it look like a toy surprise out of a cereai box

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Lets all bow or heads and wish the apparent return of the "Dukes of Hazard" another short run. Ugggh.

Pass the air sick bag!!!

Truthfully, Becki is right on target. Lexus is hoping they can move straight forward into the future by putting together some high performance products that can shake up the luxury car market. But as Becki also pointed out, how many teens and tweenty year olds do you know that can pony up the cash to buy one of these primo machines?

My guess is that we'll see a lot of silver headed guys and gals behind the wheels living out fantasies of what they wish they had

in High School and College. LOL

PS: It is interesting how those of us who spent High School and College in the 60's, found that having a "Hot Car" was very helpfull in attracting a date, or the "Cool Girls":. That usualy translated into sel centered and would drain you wallet in one niight.Now, in the 2014's, car's don't seem to be off any consequence when you drive down the main strip on Sarurday night, and your power plant is a 4 cylendar with no mods.

Oh welll I guess we'll have to revert back to our charming personalities and good looks. :)


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