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Dealership Overcharging Me For O2 Sensor And Exhaust Manifold They Bus


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Hi There...

Since I make plenty of mistakes, maybe the dealership did too, but should I pay for it?

Here's my situation~ I took my car in for 02 sensor knowing I was previously quoted $360.00 for removal and replacement at a private shop. The Lexus Dealership advertises 'price matching' so I took it there...

They called and said that not one, but two sensors were recommended at a cost of over $1,040.00 to do so. I said if the second was not failing, just 'lazy' as they put it, that I would hold off... just replace the one.

They called back a while later and said that the exhaust manifold cracked or busted due to an old rusted sensor (car has 151K and I'm original owner) and that I would need to replace that as well for a cost to me of approximately $700.00!

This seems like a lot to me...

I believe it is the rear sensor since the front under the drivers seat would not touch the exhaust manifold. The check engine light has been on and off for a couple years tho I don't drive this car more than 6K per year as it is one of two that I drive. Additionally, the other mechanic has been well aware of issue and said if I couldn't afford it, that waiting would not hurt anything.

Please help if you know something~

I'm supposed to pick the car up today and I don't want to get rocked.

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Wow Lynda, that sucks. I don't know what to tell you. I would at least ask them if they would do it at cost.

When my car runs out of warrantee, I'm either going to take it to Toyota or find me a good shop. Dealerships are better known as stealerships.

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