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Late Shifting In My 95 Es300?

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Hi my name is Abdul and I currently own a 1995 es. See for the past couple of months from now my transmission has been acting up. Seems to me that the first gear seems to come in a bit late, but then all my other gears shift fine. I don't think its slipping gears, but idk why this is happening. Also my speedometer gauge has been acting up as well, sometimes I've noticed it jump around and go from 0-140 or 0-60/70 even when the car is in park and not moving. I've researched some things up and one fellow member here stated how a similar situation was going on with his 94 es300 and when he replaced the vehicle speed sensor, all was back to normal? How can I test my vehicle speed sensor? Where is it located? Where can I go from here at this point? Should I try any specific additives for my transmission or shall i go ahead and replace my vehicle speed sensor? Can anyone give me some advice. Thanks for all your help in advance :)

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You don't give us the mileage of your car, but being a 95, I suspect that its up there. The owner's manual has specific details as to when the transmission fluid has to be flushed, the filters changed, and new fluid put in. I would suspect that yours has never been done.

You don't come across as a backyard mechanic who can do these maintenance repairs yourself, so I suggest that you find yourself a good independent mechanic and get this service done.

As well, the mechanic can read the DTC (diagnostic trouble codes) from the car's computer, and determine if there are any transmission problems that show up. As for the speed sensor, he can tell if it needs replacing from the same reading of the codes.

In other words, take the car to someone knowledgeable, who can run the diagnostics and tell you what needs fixing, and how to go about it. He'll also be able to give you an estimate of the cost. Good Luck!

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The car has about 180k on it, I've flushed my transmission fluid about 2 times thus far and changed the transmission filter as well, but the problem is still there. My main concern is about the Speedo jumping around, and from what I've heard, if this happens then they say your vehicle speed sensor needs to be changed. Any more suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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