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Replacing The Small Light In The Headlamp Assembly - 200 Rx300


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I still have my 2000 RX300, original owner with 160,000 miles, runs flawlessly, I love it.

The small light in the upper corner of the headlamp assembly has gone out. I have changed the bulbs in the other lamps but can't figure out how to get to the small lamp in the corner. (see picture, I've circled it in red)

I hope that I can just replace the bulb rather than the entire headlight assembly.

Has anyone replaced this bulb or does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks all.

Love My Lexus!


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Hi jc4home 2 and welcome.

I would start with a call to your local Lexus dealers parts department. There is no reason for them not to help you as your only asking for the cost of the part and its technical info such as part number and cost.

If you don't want to call the parts department you can try Auto Zone or an independent mechanics shop. You may also check with the local Toyota dealer.


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You can look up the bulb type on the Sylvania website: http://qa.sylvania.com/en-us/applications/automotive-lighting-systems/Pages/lrgmain.aspx

It is a "168" (parking light) bulb. The parking light was originally the "city light" that was required in some European cities that prohibited full headlights at night.

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